Train the Trainer (TTT) – Alameda, CA

TRLMI’s course 40-hour course meets the requirements for instructors and qualified assessors who teach U.S. Coast Guard and International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved courses.

Subjects covered include:

• Introduction to principles of teaching and learning.
• Selection of appropriate methods of instruction to enhance the subject matter being taught.
• Planning and preparation of instructional materials to augment and emphasize learning points.
• Principles of public speaking and practical experience in lecturing.
• Techniques for classroom conduct and management, student expectation management, administering of assessments, practical exercises, and testing procedures.

Any applicant who has successfully completed your Train the Trainer (TRAINRL-597) course will satisfy:

The Train the Trainer and Assessor training requirements of 46 CFR 10.402(b)(2)(iii)(A), 10.405(a)(1) and 46 CFR 10.407(c)(5)(i), and the requirement for instructors and assessors as stated in Section A-I/6, paragraph 7, of the STCW Code, as amended 2010 and the guidance regarding Qualified Instructors as stated in NVIC 03-14(Ch-1), and Qualified Assessors as stated in NVIC 19-14(Ch-1).

TRLMI is open for business.