Small Vessel Refrigeration Course – San Diego, CA

This course is intended to educate students on how to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair a typical marine refrigeration system. In addition to classroom lectures, students receive practical demonstrations, followed by hands-on practice and assessments to provide them the skills needed to troubleshoot and repair common marine refrigeration system issues while at sea.

No previous experience is necessary.

The course is designed to teach students the following subjects:

  1. Safety procedures & PPE when working with marine refrigeration systems
  2. Refrigeration fundamentals
  3. Compressor basics
  4. Refrigeration system maintenance basics
  5. PPE and safety measures when working on refrigeration systems
  6. Types and handling methods of modern refrigerants
  7. Types and operation of metering devices & other tools
  8. Common problems, troubleshooting, and solutions for simple marine refrigeration system problems

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