Radar Observer Unlimited (RADU) – San Diego, CA

This course is designed to train deck officers and those seeking a license in the proper use of radar for risk assessment, collision avoidance and navigation as required by Table A-II/1 of the Standards for Training and Certification of Watchkeepers (STCW) Code as amended. Various exercises will be initiated to provide the student with the knowledge required to properly use the radar and to recognize potential threats and determine proper action to avoid these threats utilizing the applicable Rules of the Road.

The following are items that will be presented:

  • Radar Theory
  • Set Up and Maintaining Radar Displays
  • Factors that Affect Performance and Accuracy
  • Differentiating Between False and True Echoes
  • Performing Transfer Plotting Techniques
  • Rapid Radar Plotting Techniques
  • Obtaining a Position Fix using Radar
  • Situational Awareness
  • Parallel Indexing
  • Vessel Maneuvering for Risk of Collision
  • Radar and the Rules of the Road

Mariners that successfully complete TRL’s Radar Observer (Unlimited) course, including successful demonstration of all practical assessments, will satisfy the Radar training requirements of 46 CFR 11/480(d) for endorsement as Radar Observer (Unlimited) and the radar training requirements of Section A-II/1 and A-II/2 of the STCW Code for certification as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch on vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC). The practical assessments conducted in this course will be accepted as the equivalent of the following assessments from the National Assessments Guidelines for Table A-II/1 and A-II/2of the STCW Code, as amended:

  • OICNW 1-2B
  • OICNW 1-2C
  • OICNW 3-1A
  • OICNW 3-1B
  • OICNW 3-1C
  • OICNW 3-1D
  • OICNW 3-1E
  • OICNW 3-1F
  • OICNW 3-1G
  • OICNW 3-1H
  • OICNW 3-1I
  • OICNW 3-1J
  • OICNW 3-1K
  • M 5-1B
  • M 5-1C

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