QMED Pumpman / Machinist (QMEDPM) – San Diego, CA

Mariners successfully completing TRLMI’s QMED Pumpman/Machinist course will satisfy the examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.501©(5) for endorsements as QMED Pumpman/Machinist.

Upon successful completion of TRLMI’s QMED Pumpman Machinist course, mariners will demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skill and understanding for maintaining, repairing, and operating:

  • Deck machinery
  • Material handling equipment
  • Underway replenishment (UNREP) machinery

Proficient In the use of machine shop equipment:

  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Drill presses
  • Arbor presses, etc.
  • Proficient In the use of various hand tools:
  • Handheld power tools
  • Burning, brazing systems
  • OXY-Acetylene cutting and brazing systems
  • Stick welding
  • Wire welding
  • Mig welding
  • Flex core welding
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