Leadership and Managerial Skills (LMS) – OCC Newport Beach, CA

Mariners successfully completing TRLMI’s Leadership and Managerial Skill course will cover the relevant portions of senior leadership concepts, applicable techniques and skills as they are currently reflected in various documents and concepts published on leadership skills as managers. Real life experiences will be discussed and scenarios presented to open discussion on various leadership techniques. Additionally, the course will provide techniques to enhance communication, interpersonal conduct, and meeting/group interaction techniques in managing the safe, efficient, and effective operation of an individual vessel or a fleet of vessels.

Leadership and Managerial Skills: Required for Mariners seeking STCW endorsements as Masters and Chief Mates on vessels of 3,000 GT or more and Mariners seeking STCW endorsements as Chief Engineer Officers and Second Engineers on vessels powered by Main Propulsion Machinery of 3,000/4000 HP propulsion power or more. See NVIC 10-14 and NVIC 15-14 for more information.

​****** PLEASE NOTE *******

Any Mariners seeking an original or renewing an STCW endorsement as Master of Vessels of less than 500 GT that are limited to Near-Coastal Waters or OICNW of Vessels of less than 500 GT that are limited to Near-Coastal Waters are NOT required to provide evidence of successfully completing the Leadership and Managerial Skills or Leadership and Teamworking Skills courses of instruction as outlined in the STCW Code.

Any applicant who has successfully completed TRLMI’s Leadership and Managerial Skills course will be considered to have demonstrated the following competencies: 1) Application of leadership and teamworking skills in Tables A-II/1 or AIII/1 of the STCW Code, as amended; AND 2) Use of leadership and managerial skills in Tables A-II/2 or A-III/2 of the STCW Code, as amended.

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