Able Seaman/Able Seafarer Deck (ABASD) – San Diego, CA

Our eight-day combined Able Seaman & Able Seafarer Deck Course allows mariners to complete the USCG Approved examinations for a National Able Seaman rating and the STCW Able Seafarer Deck endorsement, through taking one course. Only mariners who are qualified as RFPNW or hold the RFPNW endorsement AND have gained the required sea service for Able Seafarer Deck should take this course. (540 days sea service as RFPNW with ASD assessments, or, 360 days sea service as RFPNW with an approved ASD course)

This course consolidates training time from two separate one-week classes into eight days of training.

There are REQUIREMENTS you must meet in order to apply for National Able Seaman and STCW Able Seafarer Deck. Please review the appropriate USCG Checklist with requirements here:

To obtain the Able Seaman, the following Sea Time requirements must be met:

Able Seaman

  • AB Special – 360 days deck service on navigable waters of the U.S.
  • AB Limited – 540 days deck service on vessels 100GT or more, not exclusive to rivers & smaller inland lakes of the U.S.
  • AB Unlimited – 1080 days deck service on Great Lakes or Oceans (including Near Coastal waters).

STCW Able Seafarer Deck


  • While qualified as an RFPNW, have seagoing service in the deck department of: 540 days, OR 360 days and complete approved Able Seafarer training.

**RFPNW sea service requirements: 180 days of seagoing service which includes training and experience associated with navigational watch-keeping functions, and performance of duties carried out under supervision of the master, mate, or qualified STCW deck rating per USCG requirements.

Please Note: The testing requirements for all levels of Able Seaman are the same.  If you do not qualify for AB Unlimited initially, the mariner can receive an AB Special then later upgrade to AB Unlimited without any additional testing.